The island of Maui only has one record store. It’s called Requests. They mostly sell cds and hippy stuff, but there basement is full of moldy old records spanning the history of recorded music. I mostly dig for old 70s Hawaiian folk/rock, but anything I find is a real treasure once I get it back home and watch my little son Camper put the needle to the record. They sold me this record player that allows me to transfer my best basement finds to this blog. Enjoy.

Keola & Kapono Beamer by scrapperstown

The B-52s 1979 by scrapperstown

Lahainaluna Sings by scrapperstown

Country Comfort by scrapperstown

Belafonte by scrapperstown

Osibisa Heads by scrapperstown

Home Grown by scrapperstown

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One Response to MUSIC

  1. mike the totally asome brother in Law of the Scrapper says:

    LOVe you Bro,, B52s tina old fav ,, hawaii and cool tunes rays and Waves sounds like paradis, Make your dreams alive,,,sweet mike

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