Timpone longboards are classic Maui boards. I had no idea, I was just looking for a fixer-upper under $100, so when I went to go check this one out I was blown away by two things; the beauty of the board (that wood work is insane) and the epic repairs it needed.

Sure it had a bunch of small dings and holes I could easily fix, but the fiber glass had separated from the foam on top (it’s called delamination). So this project ended up teaching me a lot.

First I had to removed the bubble. I don’t have a sander, but I do have a wood carving kit. Clearly this is the wrong way to do it, but hey, it worked.

Then I dug out all the bad foam and filled it with some resin Q-cell mixer and sanded it smooth once it dried. Then filled it and sanded it, and filled it and sanded it, over and over till a couple weeks passed. I used wet sandpaper wrapped around a 2×2 sanding block.

Fiber glassing was scarey, but I think I did it right. It looked good, so I gave it a final clear coat.

Then I was left with this ugly new white color against the rich yellow of the aged foam & fiber glass. So I mixed up some resin with black pigment and painted a fish.

Now I have an awesome board. Made on Maui and salvaged on Maui. It’s all waxed up and gets wet every week. It surfs better then me, but I’m learning.

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  1. drea says:

    That is a sick board! Nice woodblock tail:)) You did a good job with the delam.

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